Kayaking Down East Maine



Kayaking Down East Maine

Although we have been kayaking along the coast of Maine for the past 10 years, and feel comfortable enough to paddle in most situations, we still use Registered Maine Guide Rob Schribner of
Sunrise Canoe and Kayak, in Machias.  With Rob’s guidance we have paddled out to salmon pens, learned about ancient Indian Petroglyphs (Rock Engravings over 1,500 years old) and ate lunch on an island with bald eagles soaring overhead. On the surface, to most, Maine is lighthouses and lobsters. But to those who have been there, and really experienced Maine in all of its’ glory, Maine is home to over 300 types of birds, 76 species of trees, 18 foot tides, incredible wildflowers, vast shorelines to explore, and over 2,000 islands. Maybe this explains why half of all Mainers vacation in the state of Maine.

To Contact Rob at Sunrise Canoe and Kayak Click here or Call 1-877-980-2300.


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