Puffin Watching


Puffin Watching in Maine

One of the only places on the east coast to see the Atlantic Puffin is off the coast of Maine. While this was our first Puffin trip, it will certaily not be our last....

After years of anticipation we were finally going on a Puffin trip with “Norton of Jonesport”. We were even lucky enough to get landing permits! We started our morning trip by meeting Holly at the Jonesport Marina at 6:45 in the morning. The fog was so thick we wondered if we would be able to go. Holly gave us the good new, the trip was on.

We were very excited as we loaded our lunch and camera gear on the “Chief”, a boat built especially for the business of transporting birdwatchers and nature lovers. Holly introduced us to the rest of the crew Captain Steve, Whitney, (3rd generation Norton to run puffin trips) and the Mate, Jake. After everyone was settled in, we were on our way to start the long journey 25 miles out to Machias Seal Island.

After about an hour of cruising, the sun started burning through the fog and we began to spot our first birds. We caught glimpses of seabirds including razor bills and puffins. Captain Steve announced that we were getting close to the island and soon, through the fog, we were able to make out the shape of the light house. As we rode around the island to be closer to the landing area, great news! Holly said we were good to land. Having landing permits did not guarantee that we would land. Safety is always their first priority, but the people at Norton’s are very experienced, and you have a great chance of landing whenever possible.

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